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 Report - Perrimount Gardens Air Raid Shelter – Dec 2009

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PostSubject: Report - Perrimount Gardens Air Raid Shelter – Dec 2009   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:47 am

Visited this site with Frosty, Muffie, Fortknox0 and my misses. After seeing the place a year ago i have been meaning to get down and photograph it or a while now. After a night of random bits and pieces we were amazed to find this place open!
I think it will be sealed pretty soon as it is currently still in use.

Right, very little is known about this site but it is believed that it originates from WW2 when it was used as an air raid shelter. This is slightly hard to believe as it is only approx. 12ft underground with an air shaft every couple of meters along! All the tunnels are used for now are to house a pump for an above water feature. The condition of the tunnels is good and they are of a good size. If anyone has any information they could add then please do Smile

Anyway...on with the pictures

This is one of the original doors now left to decay on the tunnel floor.

this was the primary entrance into the system of tunnels, now sealed up.

this is just to the left of the original entrance...

along with this.

the first part of the tunnel is a common construction type seen in many WW2 air raid shelters in the area

but then a very different construction type is used in the second half of the tunnel. The two methods can clearly be seen here.

longest tunnel in the complex

Showing more of the tunnel system

thanks for taking the time to view my report, i hope you enjoyed reading it
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Report - Perrimount Gardens Air Raid Shelter – Dec 2009
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