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 New Members - Read this first

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PostSubject: New Members - Read this first   Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:29 am

New members:

Now ‘rules’ is such a strong word and I wouldn’t call these rules as there is no right or wrong way to explore and post your experiences, just some help to ensure you get the best out of this forum.

1. First things first, you should always begin by and ding an introduction post. Let people know who you are, where your from, and why have you joined the forums. Some people may join as they don’t fancy climbing into tunnels and buildings but love to see inside them, this is a good place to view these sites from the comfort of your home. Others may like the thought of exploring 1st hand but don’t know where to begin or aren’t sure of the dangers. Others may simply have photos and information to share and are looking for a friendly community to exchange locations and information with. Whatever you are interested in you will be given a warm welcome from other members.

2. First report, don’t just sit in the background reading through posts, if that’s all you intended to do then you wouldn’t have joined the site. Feel free to contribute whether this is via comments, information, photos it doesn’t matter and someone may really appreciate information that you have. Don’t be discouraged if your photos aren’t great or your write-up isn’t perfect, we all have to start somewhere and over time you will get better…it’s inevitable.

3. Don’t be scared to ask for help – let’s say you have found something you believe to be unexplored but you don’t have the equipment to do it. Well, many other explorers will have rope, ladders, manhole keys, etc and would be more than happy to help you out if they are invited along or maybe you need some information on a location you want to post. Why not add a post to the leads section or ask a question, there may be someone with a ton of information who could help with your report.

4. Remember, we all work hard to present these places to the public and we all share the same interest. Respect these locations and people will respect you. Also, always remember to give credit where its due, if someone has helped with info for a report then let others know that they helped you, if someone has shown you the place then say they showed you. Your report won’t be any worse because you didn’t do all the work yourself.

5. And finally, remember we all share a general interest and this is a good place to meet people so show your face on group meets and appreciate other members reports even if they aren’t as good as yours, this is a friendly forum and if you are fair to others then you will build a good group of people to explore with in no time at all.
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New Members - Read this first
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